Cat Call Me Never

My title is very fitting for this blog because this is a daily occurrence that should never happen — whistles to yells and derogatory comments that come from men who have no respect. I learned what this was at a young age when walking to get food with my friends, and I must have been no older than 12. At first, I was unaware and just scared that cars were honking at me. I didn’t know why until I got a bit older and it happened from person to person. As a young girl, I felt uncomfortable but was not yet aware of the weight that a whistle could carry. Now, as a young adult, I feel scared and am more than aware of how heavy it just is. When I got into high school, this became a massive part of my reality, and in specific how it objectifies girls and women. This showed me into a new piece of the male gender that I was clueless on. Sexual assault and harassment can follow after any number of the ways a man can catcall. It is something I have seen and something that has impacted me significantly. Catcalling is a form of hassarment, and men don’t understand the impact that this can have, let alone how it makes us feel. It is not wanted attention, and it is not appreciated. With having said that I do not want to take away from the fact the sexual harassment, abuse as well as catcalling is something that can affect males too. In general, the level of respect people catcalling have at an all-time low and has been happening more as time goes by. With the power of social media and social movements such as MeToo, more attention has highlighted this issue, and hopefully, those who do it will learn the tool it can take on an individual.

The Sky

I’m not sure what it is and if you asked I couldn’t tell you but ill do my best job.
What is it about the sky that you love so much?
The way it changes, and you can’t tell until you wonder why it looks a bit different. I love that when the clouds break apart, and you can see the suns shine through with streaks almost like it was painted, but then you remember that people try to replicate that, but the sky doesn’t need to do anything. It reminds me that there is more then just me in this world because if there is something filled with that amount of beauty, yet it is so simple that there must be things so complex my mind can’t comprehend. I love that when I look at the sky, I forget about absolutely everything else, like all the sudden I’ve gone underwater. The sky reminds me of those I love because of how beautiful it is. The sky reminds me that those I love are never too far because we are looking at the same sky. The sky reminds me that if something so significant can move at such a pace, then me being so small can go as fast as I want. I love the sky because it is unlike anything else I will ever see. I love the sky because it is never the same. Ask me why I love the sky so much, and it turns out I’ll tell you.

A Good Teacher

I have been fortunate in my years of education so far in that I have found several teachers who have inspired me to keep learning outside of the classroom, pushed me to do the best of my ability, believed in me when others didn’t and got me to enjoy going to school again. This was something no one else in my life was able to do, and something that needed to happen. One teacher in specific that I met at the Alternative school saved me, and when I say that I mean literally. When I switched from my public school to the alt school, I was in a terrible place both mentally and physically. I was in the worst part of my eating disorder, and it was only getting worse. I went to that school to focus more on my studies and be in a better environment. That is what happened and all because of my teacher. I was able to confide in him and tell him all the bad things that happened in my life without any judgment. Because he was a teacher at a school for ‘troubled’ kids, he saw and heard many stories from many different kinds of people. Though each is special and unique, they all overlap in places, so there was not a lot he hadn’t heard. I later confided in him that I was sick, and it ended up being the best decision of my life. When I was at the lowest place, I have ever been and will ever be, and he guided my family and me on the road to recovery. He opened me up to the world of psychology that I now have grown to love and am going to school to study. He made sure I was eating in the day when my family was not around. He is a friend and a mentor but also the best teacher I have ever had. I hope one day, everyone will have had an experience with a teacher that shaped them into who you are today.

What Am I Eating?

Do we really know? Now rice from China has plastic pieces in it to up the quantity and meet weight requirements. Meat does not come as one cut, yet several that are glued together to make one whole. Cheese does not burn, but instead, it turns black. Fish are farmed and fed mediocre quality food that has traces of mercury and led we then eat. Chickens cannot stand due to the hormones they are pumped with and never see the light of day yet are free range. Pesticides are the new seasoning. Does this not alarm anyone?
Now don’t get me wrong I could never be a vegetarian or vegan, however, I do believe in buying your food ethically and responsibly. I think spending money on quality food is necessary for today’s society when cheap food is the most unhealthy. It is not fair, nor is it right to have prices for healthy food so inflated. However, paying 5 dollars for a pack of 5 hot dogs means you spent 1 dollar on each, what do you expect it to be made of other than some unhealthy products. With having said that, some families cannot afford to eat properly, and this is a significant problem that many kids face. That not only affects how a body matures and develops but also mood, focus, ability to learn, and work effectivly. This only perpetuates the cycle of poverty and health problems within that demographic. I hope for the future to be ethically farmed, properly raised, and healthy for all people, not just those who make a specific salary.

My Expierence at a Methadone Clinic

Let me first start by saying no, it was not for me.
This topic, I find a bit difficult to write on as I don’t want to be judged for associating with people who are on this program, or for even going there. But then I ask myself, why do I even care. I also ask myself if I feel this way just for tagging along, imagine how those who are in the program feel. Fortunately for me, I had gotten to know this young lady well before she was on it and I will know her when she no longer needs it. If I am honest, I was nervous and genuinely a bit scared before going to the clinic. I had all of the stereotypical images circling through my head. However, when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised at how it looked. It was clean, smelled nice, was designed beautifully, had a clean seating area, as well as amicable employees. I did meet a man who seemed to be recently clean however withdrawing hard attempting to get his prescription. I am not sure if he had relapsed and been kicked off of the program, but there was some dispute between him and the employees. Not only did they handle it exceptionally well for the circumstances, but also seemed to empathize with the patient as well. Seeing the way it was handled was something I did not expect and am very glad I got to see. This showed me that empathy is necessary for all aspects of life, regardless of the situation. Empathy does not mean to forgive. It just means being open to understanding. The last thing that I thought was worth mentioning for those of you who will never go into a Methadone clinic is that you will be surprised as to who you see walking in. You may observe the stereotypical strung out person; however it is usually the opposite. In my several trips, I have seen businessmen, fathers, mothers, soccer moms, kids, construction workers, yoga teachers, and most importantly people. Everyone in that clinic is a person dealing with a disease which deserves just as much compassion as the next person. I task you with the next time you judge someone or something to think, why are feeling this way, and how can you change it.

A Human’s Best Friend

Since I can remember, I have always had at least one dog in my life since I was born. They have played an essential part in my families structure, and always will. Two years ago, when I started recovering from an eating disorder, we decided it would be an excellent time to get a dog. Our old one had passed away, and we were missing a link to our family. No dog can be replaced. However, new bonds form and that connection can be re-established. So my father and I drove to Montreal and picked up a baby rottweiler soon to be named OJay. He slept in my arms the whole drive back except for washroom breaks, and we bonded immediatly. Taking care of him as well as nourishing my body proved to be quite the task but also helped keep me goal orientated. As months went on and I trained him, we became even closer and more connected. Soon he was able to tell when I was sad, happy, angry, or any emotion and then acted in accordance. I cannot cry without my dog trying to lick my tears. I cannot be happy without my dog trying to celebrate with me. I cannot be angry alone without my dog trying to make me happy again, and how could I forget if I’m uncomfortable. My dog will put as much space as he can between me and everyone else, and let’s say for your sake, I wouldn’t try to get any closer. He loves those I love, and it is self-evident. I have been so lucky to have OJay to help me in my recovery as well as improve the quality of my life. If you think I sound crazy, I would safely assume you don’t have a dog, and all I have to say to that is GET ONE.

I’m a Bit** But So Is Karma

They say if you are planning on getting revenge to dig two graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself.
This is a statement I wish I had known throughout my 5 years in high school, and yes, you read that right I said 5 years. Revenge is not always how it sounds. It can be as simple as getting the last word in, or as evil as your mind can wander. For me, it was on the simple side but still classified as revenge. What I did not realize was how much more work holding on and plotting was compared to letting it go and walking away. As I have gotten older, I have gotten smarter, but mainly more mature. Though there are times, I feel the opposite and would love not to walk away, saving my energy for more important things is always my priority. Revenge is something that can consume people and cloud their judgment. I have learned what you put out you will receive back. I don’t need to be your revenge, because of my friend karma, who I’m sure you’ll meet soon.