My Expierence at a Methadone Clinic

Let me first start by saying no, it was not for me.
This topic, I find a bit difficult to write on as I don’t want to be judged for associating with people who are on this program, or for even going there. But then I ask myself, why do I even care. I also ask myself if I feel this way just for tagging along, imagine how those who are in the program feel. Fortunately for me, I had gotten to know this young lady well before she was on it and I will know her when she no longer needs it. If I am honest, I was nervous and genuinely a bit scared before going to the clinic. I had all of the stereotypical images circling through my head. However, when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised at how it looked. It was clean, smelled nice, was designed beautifully, had a clean seating area, as well as amicable employees. I did meet a man who seemed to be recently clean however withdrawing hard attempting to get his prescription. I am not sure if he had relapsed and been kicked off of the program, but there was some dispute between him and the employees. Not only did they handle it exceptionally well for the circumstances, but also seemed to empathize with the patient as well. Seeing the way it was handled was something I did not expect and am very glad I got to see. This showed me that empathy is necessary for all aspects of life, regardless of the situation. Empathy does not mean to forgive. It just means being open to understanding. The last thing that I thought was worth mentioning for those of you who will never go into a Methadone clinic is that you will be surprised as to who you see walking in. You may observe the stereotypical strung out person; however it is usually the opposite. In my several trips, I have seen businessmen, fathers, mothers, soccer moms, kids, construction workers, yoga teachers, and most importantly people. Everyone in that clinic is a person dealing with a disease which deserves just as much compassion as the next person. I task you with the next time you judge someone or something to think, why are feeling this way, and how can you change it.

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