Today I met some of my mothers, biological family. I met my aunt Karen, uncle John, and cousin Mike. Though my family life has been far less than average throughout my life, it is still something I value dearly and hold close to my heart. Growing up, I always felt a bit left out of society because this idea of what a family was, was not how identified with my own family. As I have gotten older that has changed even more, however, I have made it work to the best of my abilities and am very close with of few of my immediate and extended family. Now meeting family, I knew existed but thought I would never meet is astonishing. My mother is adopted, and though I love her family, I have always been curious as to who her biological family is. I had no idea about going into today what to expect, but all my expectations exceeded my thoughts, and I left very happy. It was so absurd to me that I felt so close to people I just met, and that I could talk to them better than some people I have known my whole life. My mom and her sister looked so alike it was so weird for me to see her with a family member who resembled her because I am not used to it at all. My aunt says she feels like we have so much missed time, but I do not see it that way. I see it as now we have all of this new time together, as well as more cousins who I will continue to know forever as well. Family isn’t always blood-related, some times they are, some times you have known them forever, and sometimes you’ll meet new ones you never knew you had.

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