I’m a Bit** But So Is Karma

They say if you are planning on getting revenge to dig two graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself.
This is a statement I wish I had known throughout my 5 years in high school, and yes, you read that right I said 5 years. Revenge is not always how it sounds. It can be as simple as getting the last word in, or as evil as your mind can wander. For me, it was on the simple side but still classified as revenge. What I did not realize was how much more work holding on and plotting was compared to letting it go and walking away. As I have gotten older, I have gotten smarter, but mainly more mature. Though there are times, I feel the opposite and would love not to walk away, saving my energy for more important things is always my priority. Revenge is something that can consume people and cloud their judgment. I have learned what you put out you will receive back. I don’t need to be your revenge, because of my friend karma, who I’m sure you’ll meet soon.

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