Cat Call Me Never

My title is very fitting for this blog because this is a daily occurrence that should never happen — whistles to yells and derogatory comments that come from men who have no respect. I learned what this was at a young age when walking to get food with my friends, and I must have been no older than 12. At first, I was unaware and just scared that cars were honking at me. I didn’t know why until I got a bit older and it happened from person to person. As a young girl, I felt uncomfortable but was not yet aware of the weight that a whistle could carry. Now, as a young adult, I feel scared and am more than aware of how heavy it just is. When I got into high school, this became a massive part of my reality, and in specific how it objectifies girls and women. This showed me into a new piece of the male gender that I was clueless on. Sexual assault and harassment can follow after any number of the ways a man can catcall. It is something I have seen and something that has impacted me significantly. Catcalling is a form of hassarment, and men don’t understand the impact that this can have, let alone how it makes us feel. It is not wanted attention, and it is not appreciated. With having said that I do not want to take away from the fact the sexual harassment, abuse as well as catcalling is something that can affect males too. In general, the level of respect people catcalling have at an all-time low and has been happening more as time goes by. With the power of social media and social movements such as MeToo, more attention has highlighted this issue, and hopefully, those who do it will learn the tool it can take on an individual.

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