The Sky

I’m not sure what it is and if you asked I couldn’t tell you but ill do my best job.
What is it about the sky that you love so much?
The way it changes, and you can’t tell until you wonder why it looks a bit different. I love that when the clouds break apart, and you can see the suns shine through with streaks almost like it was painted, but then you remember that people try to replicate that, but the sky doesn’t need to do anything. It reminds me that there is more then just me in this world because if there is something filled with that amount of beauty, yet it is so simple that there must be things so complex my mind can’t comprehend. I love that when I look at the sky, I forget about absolutely everything else, like all the sudden I’ve gone underwater. The sky reminds me of those I love because of how beautiful it is. The sky reminds me that those I love are never too far because we are looking at the same sky. The sky reminds me that if something so significant can move at such a pace, then me being so small can go as fast as I want. I love the sky because it is unlike anything else I will ever see. I love the sky because it is never the same. Ask me why I love the sky so much, and it turns out I’ll tell you.

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