Elections. Do You Feel The Pressure Yet?

The next federal election feels like it’s coming up soon. This coming October we will vote to have a new prime minister in office. A new person will be running our country and having the power to make extensive changes within our society — control over our rights, our rules, our lives. I have already started to read about the candidates because I want my vote to be educated and not pressured or influenced by my family, friends, or the media. This election is significant to me because it is the first federal election that I will be participating. I feel a lot of pressure to vote because I believe everyone should since we have the right, but I also feel the pressure to vote the right way…. what? What does that even mean to vote right? It means to sway with the masses and create the least amount of waves in the political pool. I want to change what that means to vote right. I want it to define it as if you feel that your decision will do the maximum good for our society, then it is right.

I Stay in the Light

Who are you? Who do you feel like? What does that person feel like doing? Are there only one of you? Two? Maybe even more? Who am I? Most days, I know the answer. Most days, I have two answers. One that is the right answer, and the other I know is the wrong answer. I feel like I am split right down the middle, one side of me wants to follow the road society and my parents have laid out for me. The other half of me wants to say f*** that and go completely off the road at a 180-degree turn. These two roads are parallel to each other, so close that at any moment I could jump over to the other one. When traveling the most socially acceptable path, I am ever so tempted to jump over to the one that is not. However, I feel the same when I am on a route that will not be approved. One is more tempting the other, but that one is worse for me. Maybe that’s why society deems it unacceptable. Most days, I agree. I find that I am only tempted to go to the dark side when I am also feeling in a dark place. It seems like I can escape anything when I hide over there. Society doesn’t want me when I am there, and I don’t want me when I am there, my family, and my friends. I am left to self destruct.

That’s why I stay traveling the path that remains in the light. I stay where society can see me so that I can hold myself to their standards.