As I sit down to write this, I feel heavy with sadness. Now before you think that something has happened to my family, don’t. It is not affecting my family directly, but someone we love dearly and their family. My best friend’s mother has been diagnosed again after her remission with a stronger form of leukemia. Though her mother and I have never gotten along and never see eye to eye, she is an extraordinary woman who has gone through so much in her life and does not deserve this. It has been very hard on everyone in their families circle because supporting someone around an illness that may not get better is very hard. Not being able to make your friend feel better or take some of her sadness is a terrifying, ugly, uncomfortable feeling that I don’t wish upon anyone. Cancer is a disease that doesn’t only affect the body but the soul too. This topic is ever hard to write on because finding the words to describe a situation like this; it feels almost impossible. Though there are many more aspects to this situation that would be too much to get into I will say that not being able to be there for someone due to other obstacles is awful, and makes you feel helpless. I wanted to talk more on this, but as I said before it is challenging. I think I will leave this with be there for those you love, and cherish all the time you can because one day they won’t be here anymore and all you will have is the memories, so make them count.